Simply Wabi Sabi

WABI-SABI is a Japanese word that is loosely translated as FINDING THE BEAUTY IN IMPERFECTION.

It’s not too late to change -

it’s never too late to change

Imagine for a moment how amazing your life could be if you truly accepted the person you are, and totally and unapologetically could just be you.

Well, I'm here to help you achieve that.

Look, I get it. I’m right there with you. 

I've had weight issues for most of my life, relationship challenges, divorces, career flops, and do-overs at 50 years old. Life isn’t always that bowl of red ripe juicy cherries that we’d like it to be. In fact, life, just like all relationships, takes work. And there are ups and downs. But when we begin to practice self-acceptance (which is harder to do than it sounds!) we will then treat ourselves with the care and respect we deserve. Our health will improve because we will no longer sabotage or treat our bodies, minds, and souls with disrespect. We will make the best choices for ourselves more often than not.

Show up for you. Make time to take care of your own needs and desires. And by the way, taking care of yourself doesn't mean "me first" - it means "me too"  - 

Get healthy in all areas of your life, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Get back your energy, get better sleep, find the weight that works for you, feel fulfilled in your relationships, with your purpose, and with your self!