Kim Klein is a gifted Coach-Practitioner working with women to accept and celebrate their imperfections so that they can then move on to live healthy and happier lives.  

Kim Klein is a gifted Coach-Practitioner working with women to accept and celebrate their imperfections so that they can then move on to live healthy and happier lives.  




               You're Here Because:

1. You Feel You're Just Not Good Enough

2. You Hate Your Body

3. You Fear Getting Older

4. You Know You Have So Much More You Want To Do, But Feel Stuck

5. You Feel Like The Best Part Of Your Life Has Come And Gone

6. You Want To Live A Healthier Life But Don’t Want To Go All Chia Seed Crazy To Get There


Hi! I’m Kim Klein, and it’s my goal to help you permanently conquer those feelings of inadequacy, self doubt, and feeling that if you just lost 20 pounds, or got a better job, or were more creative, that you would then be worthy of living the life you dream about. Working together, we can get you to a place of self-confidence, living your life with passion, and excited about the future. I’ve studied Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Feng Shui, and Wabi Sabi, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

It took me a long time to understand that being healthy meant much more than weighing a certain number on the scale or being a certain dress size. That to be truly happy I needed to nourish my soul and my own well-being. That out of all of the relationships in my life, the one with myself was just as important.

Why do I care so much? Why am I so passionate about what I do? Because, I’ve been in your shoes - a different story title, different characters, but the theme of my story is probably very similar to yours - 

My plummeting self-esteem began when I was about 12 years old. I mysteriously gained about 30 pounds in 3 months. The doctors couldn't figure it out and told my mother "she's probably hiding food under her bed." But I wasn't. So I was put on diet pills and all kinds of diets. Nothing worked. The battle with my weight continued and set me off on that path of never feeling  that I was quite good enough. Of always thinking, "If I could only lose 10 or 20 pounds then I'd be happy”~  believing that happiness was just a dress size or bikini body away. 

As I got older, I started getting all of the symptoms associated with aging. Arthritic fingers and hands, unexplained weight gain, sore hips, fatigue and I was conditioned to believe this was the way it was meant to be, just part of getting older. I then went through my second divorce, which was soul crushing and left me feeling like a failure, again (notice, I said second divorce) I started feeling tired, used up, and my self-esteem took another nosedive. I needed to be my own best friend and apply all that I had learned studying Feng Shui, Wabi Sabi, and nutrition to my own life. And then it was time to share it with others.

Soon clients began coming to me to seek out health and wellness coaching and it didn't take long before it became evident that most of their issues (weight, stress, insomnia, IBS, etc.) had a root problem, and it wasn’t necessarily with food or lack of exercise. It was a combination of things. But more often than not, that root problem seemed to stem from troubled relationships; first and foremost, the one we have with ourselves. The feelings of “not being good enough” in one area or another was the common denominator. This naturally led to working towards personal growth, acceptance, forgiveness, self-esteem, knowing our worth, and knowing that we are love and lovable. 

What do I want for you?

I want you to finally feel at home in your own skin. To love and appreciate your body whether it's a size 2 or a size 22. To know that you are worthy, to know that you are here for a reason, to live life fully and revel in your own individuality. To accept and embrace your perfectly imperfect self so that you can focus on what’s truly important, living a healthy and happier life. To be you. No apologies necessary.

Everyone is different and what works for me might not work for you. It's all about bio-individuality and discovering our own needs and solutions. My goal is to help you find what makes you feel your best, what makes you function on high. I want to help you get back your energy, your passion for living, to develop a healthy positive relationship with your body, food, the people in your life, and a newfound love and respect for your self.

A Health Coach is your partner, it is an interactive process. I’ll be there to guide and support you. So get ready, we’re going on this adventure together.