Maybe, just maybe, today we are enough

So often we decide that our life would be so much better if we could just get that new house, that new job, a new car with that new car smell, or lose 10 or 20 pounds. Then we would be happy. One of my favorite sayings is in a Dave Matthews song, "The future is no place to place your better days."

We can become so obsessed or focused on these things that we forget to notice the good in our lives. For example, maybe you've decided to lose 20 pounds. So you start eating differently and you start walking every evening. But you remain fixated on the scale. You might not notice that you start to feel a little more relaxed during the evening, maybe you're sleeping more soundly, maybe you're saving some money from not buying your morning mocha and vanilla scone and now can afford a monthly pedicure. Maybe you are learning about different foods and discovering new ways to cook. Maybe you feel better about yourself and the positive changes you are sharing with your family. But you don't see these wonderful things, or appreciate them, because all you are noticing is that you've hit a plateau or have only lost x number of pounds when you thought you should have lost xx number by now.

The benefits and rewards that we experience on a daily basis can become overshadowed and often times overlooked when we are focusing on the finish line. Change doesn't happen overnight ~ but changes happen every day, and one sure way to a happier life is to pay attention and appreciate every single one.